About Me

Hi! My name is Anna Kate, or AK, and my goal is to help you be more positive, confident & calm. Feeling anxious regularly? Stressed? Filled with self doubt? Constant state of “Monday scaries”? My hope is that this blog will help you find the “good vibes” through a few small changes that helped me completely transform my life, and hopefully will help you be the best version of you!


Let me tell you a little about me, I was born and raised in a small town right outside Kansas City, MO (GO CHIEFS!). Four years ago, I moved to NYC to see if I could cut it, and to lead the young, broke, single & FABULOUS young professional life in one of the most exciting cities in the world. After two months, I met my soul mate (so much for the single part :)), and realized very quickly that the city grind was NOT for me. I stuck it out for another two years, made some amazing memories, and a TON of money, but found something was missing. Despite being surrounded by millions of people, an amazing man, and tons of incredible friends, I still found myself feeling alone, doubting myself, and felt I was losing the happy spark that has always made me, me.  Near the end of my time in NYC, I knew I needed to make a change before I drove myself, and the people around me, insane. This is where I found my own happiness cocktail through fitness, mindfulness, and gratitude. Today, I am living in an amazing beach town on the Jersey coast, with my now fiancé, working towards achieving my career dreams. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to wake up each day and do what I love, and that alone has motivated me to help others find their own kind of happy.

I hope you use this site as a place to come when you are feeling down, need motivation, or a pick me up, to find clarity, and a solution, so that, in time, you can be your happiest self, too!