MY (healthier) MARG

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYOOOO!! Sorry for the delay in posts, been a crazy couple of weeks, but STOKED to be back writing about my ultimate guilty pleasure. Mexican food.

Tacos. Nachos. Coronas. Margaritas. SIGN A SISTER UPPPP.

For me, Mexican is (very) hard to keep healthy, especially when you’re eating out. The endless chips & salsa. The nachos the size of my torso. The EXTRA large Margarita (with a corona on top). So, I try to curb my cravings by getting my chef on at home, and making these nutritious & DELICIOUS margaritas!

They’re super easy, and feature one of my go-to post workout dranks! Recipe below:

WTRMLN WTR Jalapeno Ritas:

  1. 1 oz  Tequila, I like Casamigos Blanco or Espolon Blanco (depending on the kind of night you’re trying to have, you can measure this loosely)
  2. 5 oz WTRMLN WTR (this is a nutrient dense, hydration SUPER STAR, if you have not tried already – get on board! I buy it from our local health food store, or Whole Foods).
  3. Splash soda water
  4. Muddle a few slices of Jalapeño (depending on how SPICAY you like it)
  5. Shake all ingredients together with ice
  6. Strain, serve over ice with a fresh lime wedge & ENJOY!

Questions? Hit me up!

Have another margarita recipe you swear by? PLEASE SHARE!





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