Ab Blast Workout!

This warm weather has me dreamingggg of days on the beach, busting out some new suits (I’ll take one of each of the new Spiritual Gangster swim), and retiring my puffer jacket(s). It also has me focused on feeling my strongest as we head into Tandem Cycle’s busy season!

With indoor cycling, having a strong core is crucial to reaping all the rewards of our workouts. Here, I share my go to ab blast workout. I always like to work my abs after some kind of cardio, so whether you do a quick warm up (for example, 1 minute of each: jumping jacks, burpees, jump rope, squats) or you incorporate this post ride at Tandem, definitely try to get that heart rate pumpin’ before diving into this 5 minute core partayyyy!

1 minute forearm plank

1 minute leg lifts

1 minute high plank

1 minute butterfly crunch

30 seconds high plank with shoulder tap

30 seconds forearm plank dropping knees at fast pace

Have an ab workout/exercise you swear by? SHARE the love! Any questions on any of the above exercises, reach out, happy to break one or all of them down for ya!




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