If you haven’t heard, LuLu Lemon came out with a new fabric, Nulux, and  IT. IS. EVERYTHANG!

I am veryyyy particular when it comes to leggings…

The [high] waist has to be perfect. Any kind of “cinch” vibe does not work for me, but they can’t be falling down in the middle of a thick climb.

The fabric has to be supportive. But, I also need to let my bod breathe when we are bringing the HEAT in the studio.

And the look…you can find me in either black, or ANY kind of palm variation – check my Instagram, & you’ll quickly understand my addiction to all things palm print.

…all of that said, these Nulux Wunder Under’s have officially raised the bar even higher.

These pants feel like you are wearing next to nothing, without showing too much of you, or making you feel unsupported. They let your body breathe. They let you move without constricting any part of your beautiful bod. & THE PRINT, I mean…DUH!

From teaching two classes straight to a hot yoga flow, these pants had me feeling fresh to deathhhh 💁

Do yourself a favor, invest in a pair of their leggings, in this fabric…STAT!

Have a legging, or athleisure brand you love? Share it! I need a pair of leggings like I need a hole in the head, but we all have our thing…right?!




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