My Gut & Dairy // The Ultimate Love + Hate Relationship

I love cheese. When my fiancé and I got engaged we got enough monogrammed cheese plates to host an entirely cheese plate themed wedding. Pizza, nachos, ice cream…the list goes on – all my JAM.

Until recently.

Upon making my career change, and becoming more aware of what I was putting in my body via food journaling, I noticed dairy was the number one food agitating my body – my gut specifically. I experienced cramping, bathroom issues (I’ll spare you the details), headaches, and overall bad vibes impacting both my physical and emotional health – it may sound dramatic to put this all on cheese, but the journal don’t lie.

Upon doing a little bit of research on dairy and it’s impact on the body, I decided to make a change not only because of my personal experience, but also because of the amount of processing, and bad s*** that goes into most of our beloved dairy products. Check out this pretty telling article I found through my research, Dairy: 6 Reasons You Should Avoid It At All Costs,  by Dr. Mark Hyman.

The science still not swaying you? Start noting how you feel after a few days of consistent dairy consumption. Take note of headaches, fatigue, gut issues – seriously, it is science people. Not trying to crush your cheese-y dreams here.

All of that being said, I choose to live my life 80/20 – I know that dairy makes my stomach hurt, but I also know I LOVE a good cheese plate/pile of nachos/slice of za. So, I choose to limit my lactose intake, versus cutting it out completely. Judge me. Say I have no self control. But for my taste buds, little in this life tastes as good as a bangin’ plate of chos. This does not mean I’m throwing them back once a day, or even twice a week. I’ve found that if I limit my lactose intake pretty dramatically (talking 1-2x a week…max), and drink a ton of water pre and post, the negative effects are not as brutal.

So, just start to be aware of your body and its reaction to things you may have noticed don’t make you feel good. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – it may be annoying initially, but try keeping a food journal. This is an incredible way to take note of what you’re consuming, and how it is making you feel. You only get one body here people, listen to it, give it what it needs, and remember to let yourself have a little fun here & there.

Have dairy alternatives you love? SHARE THE LOVE, PUHLEASE!!! && let me know if you and dairy have done a similar dance :)!




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