Content Overconsumption

Is overconsumption no longer limited to calories?

In this digital age, are we over-consuming content?

Ironically enough, I was originally turned on to this train of thought through the Instagram account, @folkrebellion. The post shared the photo used in this post, stating: “consuming content…same as empty calories? Food for thought.”

Is our constant consumption of content leaving us empty? 

After spending some time journaling, meditating, and being aware of this phenomenon over the past couple of days, I am blown away that despite my awareness, I continue to mindlessly consume content. & I know, I am not alone in this. 

We can’t even sit and just be present in watching a show anymore, rather we sit with the TV on mindlessly listening as we scroll, looking for another form of stimulation from our phone, computer, tablet… FOR WHAT?!

We are overdosing on content PEOPLE!

Look around your morning train, the street on your walk to work, or when you’re in your favorite coffee shop – people can no longer just be. It’s as if we are uncomfortable just living a moment, we need some kind of  alternative stimuli, sometimes even multiple stimuli, to feel satisfied. 

This overconsumption is doing a lot more harm than good.

Be aware of how often you open your phone in front of the TV. When you’re enjoying a dinner at home with your roommate. When you start to feel a lull in conversation at a happy hour with a new group of friends (or even with your best friends!). When you’re sitting in the sunshine at the beach, or on a park bench. 

We are losing the ability to just BE the amazing humans we are meant to be. Instead, we rely on a screen to make us feel validated, make us feel like we are enough, make us feel ALIVE. 

Well guess what – you are enough. Start to explore just how enough you are. Go for a walk with no music, no phone, just you and your AMAZING mind –  let the discomfort of disconnection overwhelm you, and then feel the amazing sense of “being” come over you. Breathe in the air, take in the beautiful/dirty/insane/calm/WHATEVER scenery around you (big city peeps: I know public transportation  will not always give you the good feels, but hey, be present, and it’ll give you some kinda feels :)). Be aware of being here. In this moment. Let go of the worry, the excitement, the stress, of what is to come, and let yourself feel this exact moment. Take a breath. Relish in that breath, in this amazing life you get to lead. 

Challenge yourself to not get so caught up in searching for validation through a means of communication that is not necessarily “real”. A like will never equate to a hug from a friend you haven’t seen in a while. A comment can never compare to a belly laugh after too much wine with a best friend. A share will never equate to a kiss from your soul mate. 

Let’s remember what we are on this earth for peeps. To make an impact on those around us, to live to be our truest self, to be happy.

So, my challenge to you? Start to be aware of your connectivity level, and start to disconnect. 

Even if it’s just setting your phone in another room while you make dinner. Or tackling your commute without the headphones today. Challenge yourself to take in this beautiful world, to start to really BE in it.




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  1. Hey this is great! I wrote a similar thing called Content vs. Contentment, I’d love to know hat you think!


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