Stretching // Foam Rolling

As an instructor at Tandem Cycle, and fitness fanatic, I am constantly moving, which means it is so important to give my bod what it needs to recover. For some reason, I have a major love/hate relationship with stretching and foam rolling – looking at it as more of a task, versus a reward. Feel me? Then join me, for this February Challenge: stretch & foam roll for at least 10 minutes each day. Nothing like an accountability partner, am I right?! My hope is that we’ll turn something we may feel 😐  about into something we look forward to at the beginning, middle, or end of each day!

Wondering why you should get on the stretch/foam roll train? Well let me DROP some knowledge on you! This article from the Mayo Clinic really breaks down the science behind why stretching is so important, but to summarize:

  1. Enables your muscles to work most effectively
  2. Reduces risk of injury
  3. Increases blood flow
  4. Eases body aches (did you know that tight hamstrings can lead to lower back pain? Me neither – check out this article for the deets!)

Now, on to foam rolling. In my opinion, everyone who exercises regularly should own a foam roller. It is a tool that allows you to essentially give yourself a deep tissue massage, DAILY. How can you not LOVE that?! Although tedious, and sometimes a bit painful (in the good burn kinda way), foam rolling offers benefits that range from physical to emotional. It even acts as a mini ab workout! This article from one of my favorite websites, MindBodyGreen, details six BOMB benefits of foam rolling, but to name a few:

  1. Reduces cellulite
  2. Improves mood
  3. Increases metabolism

So, join me, and let’s STRETCH IT OUT together, every day, finishing February stronger (& bend-ier) than we started!




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