Feeling 😴😴😴?

Whether it’s right when I wake up, the 3pm afternoon slump, or even before a night on the town – sometimes it feels like I cannot shake that lethargic feeling. Feel me? My solution used to be reaching for that 3rd/4th/even 5th cup of coffee of the day, but recently I’ve been cutting back on caffeine late in the day. So, my new solution? GET THAT HEART RATE PUMPIN’!

Here I share a quick circuit I like to do right when I wake up, if I am feeling tired before a class, during a commercial break, or even if I have a case of the chills & want to warm up!

I like to do this series to music (I’m always updating playlists on Spotify, so follow this link to my profile if you want some beatssss!), and switch exercises whenever the beat drops or changes – exact timing is up to you,  but I recommend at minimum of 45 seconds of each:

Jumping Jacks – Start with hands down at your sides, feet together, as you jump your feet out wide, hands come up and meet over your head, if you’re really feeling the good vibes, add a clap!

Jump & Punch Start jumping up and down, shifting your weight from one foot to another, then extend one hand straight out in front for a punch, bring it back in, and repeat with the other hand, keep you legs moving through this entire exercise! When you punch, remember, you want it to look as if you are pouring a pitcher of water, in a fist, your palm faces your other hand, and then the floor.

1, 2 Punch with Kick Similar to the jump and punch, start by jumping up and down, rotating your body weight from one foot to another. Punch with one hand, then the other, then plant your feet one slightly in front of the other and kick the back foot directly out in front bringing the bottom of your foot so it is facing the whatever is in front of you. Make sure you switch which foot your planting/kicking each time

Straight Arm Plank – Up on your toes, palms pressed into the floor, hold your body in a straight line. Focus on keeping wrists right below your shoulders, butt down, abs tight & engaged. Feet either together, or about shoulder width apart.

Mountain Climbers – In a straight arm plank, pump your knees right knee to left elbow, left knee to right elbow. Focus on keeping your butt down, belly button pulled in, ensuring your wrists stay right below your shoulders.

Forearm Plank with Alternating Knee Drops – Transition from your straight arm plank, onto  your forearms. Elbows right below your shoulders, palms either in prayer position, pressed into the floor, or open facing the ceiling. Butt down, abs pulled in, feet together, drop your knees one at a time (this should be quick, just tap the knee to the floor, then back up).

&& that’s it! Super quick, but will get your blood pumpin’ and get ya ready to face the day/rest of the afternoon/warm ya up/whatever it may be! You can even turn this circuit into a mini workout, performing each exercise for at least a minute, running through the series twice! I always like to end with a quick stretch – more on my fave stretches in a post coming soon! As always, if you have any questions, just comment below!




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