Smoothie Bowls // MY JAMMMM

Since moving to the East Coast, I have been turned onto the smoothie bowl trend that is taking America by storm. Upon my first bowl, I was hooked. That being said, I’ve recently been trying to eat out less, and cook more, which had me motivated to DIY smoothies bowls.

These delicious bowls get a bad rep because of the sugar content BUT remember NATURAL sugar is different from ADDED sugar. I am a firm believer in eating real foods, not dieting, or counting calories, and keeping everything in moderation. Fruits, although high in sugar, also contain fiber, antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals that aid your body in slowly digesting this sugar, and provide your bod essential nutrients YOU NEED.

My Go-To Smoothie Bowl:

1/2 banana, sliced & frozen (if you don’t have time to freeze it, you can use a room temperature nanner, just know it wont be as thick!)

Frozen berries (I buy the big packs of frozen berry mix, typically whatever is on sale!)

Handful of spinach

1 serving of Hemp Seeds

1 Serving Black Chia Seeds

1 scoop Amazing Greens Green Machine Detox & Digest (Buy Here)

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 cup Coconut Water (I typically eyeball it here, but make sure you add so about half of your ingredients are submerged) – you can also use almond milk, coconut milk, etc. –  I choose coconut water because of the electrolytes like potassium,  it’s fiber content and natural sugars to help me stay energized & hydrated throughout the day!

Blend, top with other half of banana, any fresh fruit you desire, granola* & ENJOY!

*Granola disclaimer: ALWAYS read the ingredient list, granola can be very caloric & very high in sugar – look for granola with ingredients you know/can pronounce, and a good ratio of protein to sugar. I avoid anything with over 6g of sugar. My go-to’s are Baked Vegan Valley Blend & Wildway Grain-free Granola: Cocunut Cashew.

P.S. Don’t be alarmed by the shady looking water in the photo – it’s one of my go to morning drinks, cold water with fresh lemon, & cayenne pepper! Great way to kick start your morning, or a mid-day pick me up!


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