10 Minute Heart Rate Boostin’, Feel Good Workout

I love to incorporate little bursts of exercise throughout my day – it is so important to cross train & strengthen your entire body. This workout is quick, effective, and so easy – great right when you wake up, before you hop in the shower, during a few commercial breaks of your fave TV show, or if you find yourself getting into your own head, feeling negative – get that booty movin’ & those endorphins pumpin’!

1 Minute of Each

Squat – make sure your knees stay behind your toes, driving up through your heels, core tight. You should be able to wiggle your toes through the entire movement!

Lunge – again, really focus on keeping that front knee back – do not let it creep over your toes!


Push Up (modification – drop to your knees, but keep your knees far enough away from your upper body that you still feel a full extension in your torso)


Straight Arm Plank – (wrists right below your shoulders, butt down, belly button pulled in towards your spine)


Inchworm Tricep Push Up (modification – again, drop to those knees, keeping in mind distance from your upper body)


Forearm Plank with Knee Dips – slowly drop your knees up & down (make sure you are not resting in the down position), while holding a forearm plank – this really isolates those lower abs!

Depending on your time/how sweaty you want to get, I’ll sometimes throw in a one minute  cardio warm up/finisher (1 minute jumping jacks at the beginning, 30 seconds high knees to 30 second jump rope finisher).

If you have any questions on form/what any of the exercises are, comment below!




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Grace Webster says:

    I love it!! You look amazing 🙂


  2. Grace Webster says:

    More easy work out posts please!!


  3. eniemchak says:

    AK, Love the blog! Thanks for hte easy tips xoxo


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